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YKSI: day 7 - your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

I honestly have no idea what my zodiac sign (Virgo in the Western system) is supposed to be like, given that astrology is a load of crap. Google leads me to this site, which lists the following characteristics:

Virgo Strength Keywords:
- Analytical [I'd say this is pretty accurate]
- Observant [Maybe? I aspire to be observant, but some things go right by me.]
- Helpful [Sure]
- Reliable [I'd like to think so]
- Precise [Sure]
Virgo Weakness Keywords:
- Skeptical [This is a weakness? That certainly tells you something about astrology. In any case, I think of myself as skeptical, though I was a hardcore believer in things like sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster when I was younger.]
- Fussy [Yes]
- Inflexible [I'm not sure on this one]
- Cold [Yes]
- Interfering [Quite the opposite, actually -- I rarely interfere with things even when I should]

So overall, the description is not too far off. On the other hand, crankyliberal is also a Virgo, and in many ways our personalities are opposite.

KAKSI: Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event

This reminds me not of a single event, but of a series. In high school when we would go out to do stuff Trevor would always drive, and he was a big fan of this song, so he would play it in his car (along with Captain Jack by Billy Joel).


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MEME: day 6 - write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

30? Seriously? OK, meme, it's 11:22. You're getting five and that's it. Apologies if some of these are recycled from past "interesting facts" memes.

1. I hate following someone else when driving to a new place. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Please give me actual directions so I can understand where we're going.
2. I am apparently the go-to guy for explaining the difference between a square knot and a granny knot.
3. I am paranoid that I'll accidentally park in front of someone's driveway when I park on the street. I sometimes have to stand and stare at the area I'm parked in to reassure myself that I haven't done it, so that I don't start to question myself once I turn and walk away.
4. I like abstract modern art, usually even better than art that's supposed to be a picture of something in particular. In most cases I'm happier not reading the artist's statement of what it's supposed to be about. Just pure aesthetic experience.
5. I can remember how to count to 9 in Finnish (yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi, kuusi, seitsemän, kahdeksan, yhdeksän) but I always forget what 10 is.

MEME MEME: Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere

The Whitlams: Love This City

This song was on the radio when I was in Australia for the first time. I have a very solid mental image during the line where the main character takes the train to work, of him using the South Coast Line.


on the fifth day of meme-mas, my true love gave to me ...

ONE: day 5 - a time you thought about ending your own life

This is an easy one, which is good since it's my bedtime. I have never seriously thought about ending my life. I hope it doesn't sound dismissive to the people who have, or flaunting my privilegedness on this score, but it's just a biographical fact about me.

TWO: Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

I think Pittsburghers will have a pretty good idea who this song reminds me of:

(For non-Pittsburghers, it's cheyrae.)

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ONE! ONE MEME! HAHAHAHA! *thunder* *lightning*

day 4 - your views on religion

I sometimes describe myself as "religious but not spiritual." I don't believe in god, or any sort of higher power or supernatural force. When I die my consciousness will disappear and my body will rot, and that's fine with me. I don't feel any need for any "spiritual practice" like prayer or meditation or rituals.

But I do like the community of being part of a church -- the weekly gathering of people who wouldn't necessarily hang out together otherwise, but with an expectation on some level of mutual support. Perhaps it's because I didn't make any sort of firm break with the church I was brought up in (ELCA Lutheran) -- instead I just drifted away. So I still have an emotional/cultural connection to the practice of religion even though I don't believe in its content anymore. This all means I fit in pretty well going to a Unitarian Universalist church.

TWO! TWO MEMES! HAHAHAHA! *thunder* *lightning*

Day 04 – A song that makes you sad

Does it make me a bad person that the verse that really gets to me is the one about the dogs?


memes day 3

MEME UNO: day 3 - your views on drugs and alcohol

I do not like them. Granted, I've never tried any recreational drugs (even pot). But the thought of doing so sets off a lot of control freak stuff in my head. I actually don't even like taking over the counter medication if I don't have to -- it was a big deal for me to take some cough syrup a few weeks ago when I was really sick. So it's probably not a surprise that I don't like drinking too much either. I've never been drunk or even really tipsy, and I have no interest in trying. I don't like the taste of most alcohol either. Beer all tastes like beer, unless it is fruity beer. Wine always disappoints me because I expect it to be fruitier than it is (like grape juice fruity, not "notes of raspberry with a peach aftertaste" fruity). I can drink stereotypically "girly" mixed drinks, but I'd be just as happy drinking them without the alcohol.

MEME DOS: Day 03 – A song that makes you happy

The lyrics are actually kind of sad, since it's about a guy who can't get over his lost love, but the music makes me happy. Also, the lead singer is on my short list of guys I would totally have the hots for if I was capable of having the hots for guys.


memes, day 2

MEME THE FIRST: day 2 - where you’d like to be in 10 years

10 years always seems a lot longer looking forward than looking back. Ten years ago I was living at Cushman House, flirting online with the person who would become my first ever girlfriend, and taking the Environmental Justice class that would totally change my academic aspirations and goals.

This question is unfortunately really up in the air right now. Had I started this meme a few weeks ago, I would have said that I hope to have gotten tenure at Slippery Rock, doing a modest amount of research while figuring out how to actually connect with my students, living in an apartment/house with a large kitchen somewhere in the Pittsburgh area that puts me close to where my friends are. Then Tom Corbett went and proposed a 54% cut to funding for PASSHE universities, just as our union contract is up for renegotiation. I'm also not sure what higher education will actually look like in 10 years. I suspect that within my lifetime, the "sit in classrooms for four years and get lectured at" model will be gone except perhaps in the Ivies and comparable institutions.

MEME THE SECOND: Day 02 – Your least favorite song

OK, I think you all know what's coming here. I'm posting a marching band version because it was marching band that made me hate this song with such a deep and abiding passion. Both the trumpet *and* French horn parts were the same two measures repeated again and again and again.

Europe (Arr. John Higgins) -- "The Final Countdown"


a post? what?

Hey, long time no post. But I've seen a couple memes going around that I thought I'd get in on as a way to take this LJ out of cold storage.

First, 30 discussion topics (stolen from rabswom)

day 1 - your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

I am happily married to crankyliberal. We recently passed our 6th anniversary of dating and our 4th anniversary of being legally married. During that time, each of us has moved across the country to follow the other's job. We've had various sorts of stress in our lives, but I've never had a reason to doubt the solidity of our relationship.

Second, the 30-day song challenge, from various people on Facebook.

Day 01 – Your favorite song

Värttinä: "Synti" The message of this song is basically "the old ladies were gossipping about how I'm a slut, so I curse them to give birth to lizard fetuses."


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Here is a snapshot of life in the Danielson-Powers household:

SBD: I'm making a bagel.
CLP: OK, I'll let you make yours first.
SBD: Aww, I'm allowed to make mine first as long as I make you one.
CLP: Oh no, I was going to make my own after you were done.
SBD: Oh, I thought you meant "Make me a bagel, bitch!"

SBD: So apparently I can't fight my bitch nature, because I just put in a bagel for you.


Two girls at a table next to me at a coffee shop are discussing a guy Girl #1 likes.

Girl #2: Wait, is he black?

Girl #1: Oh no, he's from New Zealand, so he's white.

Girl #2: Oh, OK.