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A Song From Every Country, part 2: Middle and South America I [Apr. 6th, 2015|12:00 pm]

ANGUILLA: Exodus Band, "Heartbeat"

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: Claudette Peters, "Coffee Queen"

ARGENTINA: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, "Matador"

ARUBA: Jeneady Semeleer, "Mi No Por Sin Bo Amor"

BAHAMAS: Phil Stubbs, "Bonefish Folley"

BARBADOS: David "ZigE" Walcott and Fireworks, "Never too Much"

BELIZE: Mr. Peters, "Run Fu Yu Life"

BOLIVIA: Alcoholica L.C., "Raza de Bronce"

BONAIRE: Magic Sound, "Min Por Wanta Mas"

BRAZIL: Forro in the Dark, "Perro Loco"