Stentor (acsumama) wrote,

Happy things meme

rabswom says I should list things that make me happy that start with O. So here we go:

Just, y'know, to get that one out of the way. It is an interest of mine.

One Dollar Bills
I like being able to leave the exact amount of money I want to and not have to wait for change.

Open Source Software
Because it's free. The price tag on ArcGIS or MS Office makes me cry, but then hey here's QGIS and OpenOffice for $0!

The Pittsburgh neighborhood, not the city in California. I wouldn't want to live there, but there's lots of good restaurants and cultural stuff, and most of my friends came to Pittsburgh because of Pitt or CMU.

I've only heard one of their songs, but it's an awesome name for a band.

Ostrom, Elinor
Her research on common property systems was one of the first "oh hey, I hadn't thought about it that way" moments in my geography career. I saw her speak at a conference but never met her in person.

I am happy to assign letters to anyone who wants to do this meme too.
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